Become a Promoter at LongAsia

We provide comprehensive services such as securities and futures foreign exchange trading, asset management, and liquidity settlement to our global clients.

Long Asia Group provides highly profitable promotion business plan to individual and enterprise customers all over the world. All promoters who introduce new business to Long Asia Group will get commission through this plan. We will work with you to make you successful. Based on previous experience, Long Asia Group is well known in global financial markets. Thus, the partnership between Long Asia Group and IB is far better than the other brokers.

What are the main advantages of IB?

As a Long Asia Group IB, you will get a competitive rebate in real time based on the number of customers transactions you recommend. We provide customized recommendation links for all Long Asia Group IB to facilitate the authentication of your customers and provide the green channel to visit IB commission accounts 24/7.

What can we provide to IB?

As a Long Asia Group IB, the customers you introduced will enjoy our best service from beginning to end during the transaction. We guarantee that record all customer information, and the process from account opening to deposit will be fully guaranteed. As a Long Asia Group IB, we will provide you with ready-made advertising materials, then you can effectively attract new customers, and recommend more customers to us.

Website promoters (IB) – monetize your traffic

As a Long Asia Group website promoter (IB), as Long as a customer enters Long Asia Group official website to register a demo account or a live account through the banner ads or links on your website, the new customer will be assigned to your agent automatically, and every transaction generated by this customer will make money for you.

How to be a Long Asia Group IB?

If you want to be a Long Asia IB, please fill in the following form. Whatever your requirements, Long Asia Group can always provide you with a satisfactory solution.