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We provide comprehensive services such as securities and futures foreign exchange trading, asset management, and liquidity settlement to our global clients.


The foreign exchange market is the most active, most liquid and the largest financial trading market in the world. Participants include banks, financial institutions, companies and retail investors. According to the bank for international settlements BIS 2016 survey statistics, the daily trading volume of the global foreign exchange market was more than 5 trillion USD. Under such a huge volume of trading, no single power or market participant can directly intervene with or control the market directions. it is the most fair and transparent trading market. Moreover, you can either go long or short in the FX market with no restrictions and time constraints and margin trading on leverage will be available to all clients. It can be said the most continuous and flexible financial transactions in the world.


Gold (XAUUSD) and silver (XAGUSD) are risk-averse products that holds their value well and are asset classes which provide investors more options towards a more balanced investment portfolio that are more averse towards inflation and other elements of uncertainty.


A stock price index is an indicator of the overall price level of the stock market that can be used to measure the overall situation of a particular market. We provide 10 stock index CFD products with higher liquidity in the global market, and as you will not need to have any actual holdings in market indices to trade CFDs. Investors can freely buy or sell CFDs with no extra borrowing costs and time decay involved.


Oil which is directly correlated to political factors and worldwide supply and demand consumption which are relatively more predictable and can be used as a good value hedging instrument for hedging risks.