LongAsia Family Office

We provide comprehensive services such as securities and futures foreign exchange trading, asset management, and liquidity settlement to our global clients.

Family Office

The family office began in the sixth century. It was a full-time organization for the king to manage royal wealth. The modern family office specializes in managing and protecting the wealth and broad business interests of the trusted family.

The LongAsia Singapore Family Office is a senior “housekeeper” of the trustee family. It is fully customer-oriented, effectively managing the diverse needs of its clients, allocating funds to multiple asset classes such as stocks, bonds, fixed income products, PE, VC, hedge funds, commodities, real estate, art, etc., for medium and long-term investment. At the same time, we provide lawyers, tax advisers, and investment advisers to the trustee family to centralize wealth management through various financial and legal instruments, such as funds, trusts, large insurance policies, and so on.

The financial assets distributed in a number of banks, securities companies, insurance companies and trust companies are collected into a cross-border financial statement to optimize the allocation of financial risk management, tax planning, credit management, foreign exchange management and asset investment.

In addition, we also undertake the responsibility of organizations such as immigration, travel, weddings and funerals, as well as family affairs such as file management, concierge services, butler services, children’s education, and security services.