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FBOT (Foreign Board Of Trade)

In order to facilitate their member to conduct transaction on the abroad exchange, ICDX provide the facility called as Foreign Board Of Trade (FBOT).

Only the domestic licensed broker that have fulfilled the requirement such as proven to have an agreement with the foreign broker, submit the guarantee fund and meet the paid-up capital as stipulated by CoFTRA are allowed to deliver the client’s order to the abroad exchange.

Currently, the FBOT’s products that are actively traded on ICDX are the exchange product from CME, COMEX, CBOT, NYMEX, NYBOT, ICE and SGX.

The FBOT’s product preferred by the client consists of Financial Product (41.46%), Agriculture Commodity (27.66%), Energy Commodity (22.06%), Metal Commodity (8.08%) and Livestock Commodity (0.21%).

The domestic licensed brokers for traded FBOT product in ICDX are Phillip Futures and CIMB Futures.