LongAsia Fund Management

We provide comprehensive services such as securities and futures foreign exchange trading, asset management, and liquidity settlement to our global clients.

Fund Manager

LongAsia has obtained the SFC licensing (central number: BGX443), participated in the regulated activities of category 4 (advising on securities) and category 9 (providing asset management service). LongAsia Asset Management manages 6 funds and the total management scale is over HK$3.6 billion.

We have different types of investment funds: equity funds, fixed-rate funds, money market funds, private equity fund,hedge funds or real estate funds. The private equity funds provide investment consulting services to various investment projects, which include retail, power, ports, logistics, infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, real estate development and green environmental protection, etc.

Investment Philosophy

In-depth study of the macro economy, analysis of the industry, strict selection of stocks. Our LongAsia Asset Management team is good at conducting in-depth analysis of the macro economy, focusing on the international politics and macroeconomic changes for a long time, focusing on the introduction and change of national policies in mainland China, and focusing on analyzing the far-reaching impact of different major macroeconomic policies on the development of various industries.

Industry Analysis

Our LongAsia Asset Management team will deeply analyze the business models and profit models of different industries, analyze how various industries operate and profit, and predict industry changes and future prospects, and choose to invest in sunrise industries with good development prospects.

Individual Stock Research

Focus on individual stocks and comprehensive analysis of individual stocks’ profitability, financial status and key fundamental indicators. Conducting detailed inspections for the company, visiting major shareholders, understanding the future vision of shareholders for the company, and discussing and analyzing the problems faced by the company with management, then comprehensively analyzing the company’s development prospects and more accurately estimating the future of future market value.

Specification of investment

Based on the strategy for asset allocation, together with the application of market liquidity, and conducting risk and compliance management.