Longasia MT4 is an advanced sophisticated platform that can be downloaded with unlimited functions. It is a trading interface with clear, intuitive and concise advantages, covering market quotation charts, position settings, account details, technical analysis tools, major news events, position monitoring, trading logs, price alerts, mail notifications and EA strategy. It is known as one of the most creative and powerful trading platforms in the world today.

Advantages of MetaTrader4:

  • As your eyes and ears – MT4 provides you with a complete set of tools and resources for deep and thorough analysis of the financial market. Besides, it can connect you with what you want to know.
  • Act as your toolbox – MT4 contains a large number of technical analysis tools to help you understand real-time quotes. You can use these tools to locate trading trends and analyze how to buy or sell.
  • Act as an index – just like an analyst in your computer.
  • Auto trading function – never miss any trading opportunity. You can set your own trading instructions, and the system will execute the transaction for you.